My Pledge to You

I promise not to pressure you into filing Bankruptcy.

I will do my best to understand your situation and advise you on your  best options.

I understand that deciding to file Bankruptcy can be very difficult.

But I have also seen the relief that Bankruptcy has provided my clients.

Understanding your situation and knowing the options available to you is the first step in regaining your piece of mind.

Sometimes bankruptcy is not the right choice.

Some people are “Judgment Proof”, meaning even if someone sues them, there’s nothing to take. They may be on a fixed income or they may have been unemployed for so long they have nothing left for creditors to seize. I feel it would be morally wrong to advise these people to file Bankruptcy just so I can collect a fee.

I will tell you that if you are reading this page, you can certainly benefit from the counsel I can give you. While every person’s circumstances are unique, your problems are not uncommon.

My belief is that if I provide a valuable service to people who need it, at a price they can afford, I will never have to worry about having enough clients.


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