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Why I Started My Own Bankruptcy Law Firm

by Amy Szilagyi on 08/07/10

One question that I get asked a lot is why I started my own bankruptcy law firm.  The short answer is that having my own firm allows me to provide the high quality service that I want to provide to clients at a reasonable price.

When I started my legal career, I worked for a large regional law firm.  The money and the perks were great, but the sacrifices were not worth it.  Yes, I'm talking about personal sacrifices like feeling like someone else had to raise my children because of the required hours of "billing time" and the additional required after-hours commitments.  But, I am also talking about the sacrifices for client service.  Don't get me wrong, large firms often provide very high quality service.  But that service comes at a price, both financial and otherwise.  As a young lawyer in a large firm, I actually had very little contact with the clients for whom I worked.  Their direct contact was the partner in charge of their account.  How fair is it to the client not to know the attorney who is actually handling their issues?

I left that firm while pregnant with my second child and began working with a small local  firm.  This was a much better situation for me for many years.  I was solely responsible for my own clients and had flexibility to balance work and personal life.  The problem was that, in order for me to make a living, I had to charge my clients more than I wanted.  Believe it or not, most lawyers do not make huge incomes to start.  And, by working with another firm, I had to split the money that I brought in with that firm. 

So, by starting my own firm, I have solved all of these problems.  I can offer the type of personalized service that clients deserve and do it at a lower price.

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